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Snot' Yours

The space is empty, but the walls treasure the ghost's eyes who once lived here. Old walls are consistent with piles of forgotten plastic carrying corroded copper and our memories.

Blue and green fibreboards with miniature cities of information litter, the texture of the walls, the shell is formulating the empty space. Once rammed into life, the motherboards will pass on our dirty secrets.

We once cared so deeply, but now the former body of the newest old tech recommended by Linus tech tips lays abandoned.

It tries to rot in a landfill somewhere in the northeastward corner of Agbogbloshie Ghana but cannot quite manage it.

It sits next to a broken three-legged orange plastic footstool. Smushed into the dirt and crusted over with a giant African snail's shell by a purple sprayed dump truck two.

Can you believe people keep these things as pets?! Its so weird but, kinda cool. Not my tomato, but I like people who have interesting different kinds of pets then the norm. I used to know someone who had a pig as a pet. It was like the family dog. It was so strange, but it fit her personality so well, you just knew he was a pig person. You know? Like some are dog people and others are cat.. or yeah you get it. Kay side tangent over.