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Have You Considered Modeling As Personal Therapy?

Hello Beautiful,

Did you know that the men who modelled for Davinci in the last supper were peasants picked off the street?

He used ordinary everyday people, just like you!

"Fried-day?" Fall 2021

JCML Fine Art by Michellerose is currently looking for models of all shapes, sizes and body types. Become a work of art and find a new way to express your personality. Let JCML Fine Art help you discover the physical presence that makes you uniquely you? Find the freedom to express yourself, your body, and your emotions in a novel and revealing modelling experience of your natural nude body.

"Don't Stand By Me" modeled by Zarha Masoroni in Spring of 2021

Curious about the whole figure drawing experience? Apply now and get five free dynamic modelling sessions with the purchase of one session for the low price of 24.35£

"Rays of Sorrow" modeled by Ray Hudson January 2021

Michelle will show you how you use your feelings to control your body language in everyday life in our modelling sessions. Reveal your natural reactive physical movements as you travel through your emotions. Discover your body while reenacting scenes from your past. Obtain a new place to locate the healing path into inner peace like no other experience on the market.

"Are We There Yet" modeled by Kim Ramos

Sessions with Michellerose are private and confidential. And can be done in the privacy of your own home, in the JCML Studio, or through virtual video chat. Nothing spoken of in session leaves the session. But sometimes, the artwork does, with your consent.

All model's drawings and paintings are only for the viewership of the model's consensual comfort. This means you decide who gets to see your body as a creation of art. As a model, you consent to your therapy session images in galleries, allow works to become sold paintings, submitted to juried shows, or posted on social media. In that case, you will be accredited as a professional model.

"The Flight of Love" modeled by Chelle Bristow

Why not start your emotional and physical path to healing today?

"Michellerose creates a space that allows me to understand and think more deeply about how my body is connected to my memories. It's such a unique, uncommon healing experience. I can't recommend these encounters with myself to others enough."

-Zarha Masoroni

"Michellerose is every ethical and cares deeply about each of her models, their values, and their privacy. She makes me feel safe, confident and allows me as much time as I need to get to the centre of my narrative. Her work in session and the final image she creates never fails to teach me more about myself."

-Raymond Habersham

"I am not the world's conventional ideal of beauty, but after just one session at JCML Fine Art, my anxiety fell away. I now have new confidence in my mind and body that I would never have achieved through regular therapy. I can't wait for the next session."

-Victora Bunyan

As one of JCML's models, you will receive for free:

  • Six dynamic modeling personal therapy sessions that focus on your chosen artistic narrative.

  • Each of the six sessions will deal with a sub-subject in your chosen narrative using one emotion you wish to reveal your subject's story.

Models will also receive

  • If the artwork image is displayed in a public gallery or juried show, the model will receive a 15% discount on the original final artworks featured in the illustration.

  • A 10% discount on any painting created by JCML Fine Art

Models can purchase their sessions complete portfolio for the low price of 300£.

You can continue your model therapy sessions for just 24.35£ a session. Or ask about our Body bundle subscription sessions by contacting Michellerose by email.

Find your inner and outer beauty and sign up for your six free sessions today!

Call 0775-619-8121 or email


Michellerose Cusack


JCML Fine Art by Michellerose



*The above blog post is for customers interested in using modelling as personal private therapy sessions. It is not intended as the same format for professional models approached by JCML Fine Art, collaboration artworks, or professional models seeking to work with JCML Fine Art for portfolio work.

*Michellerose is not a therapist but will allow you the time and space to be human and express your emotions in a safe space. Have any questions? Email me (address above)

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