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Have You Considered Modeling As Personal Therapy?

Hello Beautiful,

Did you know that the men who modelled for Davinci in the last supper were peasants picked off the street?

He used ordinary everyday people, just like you!

"Fried-day?" Fall 2021

JCML Fine Art by Michellerose is currently looking for models of all shapes, sizes and body types. Become a work of art and find a new way to express your personality. Let JCML Fine Art help you discover the physical presence that makes you uniquely you? Find the freedom to express yourself, your body, and your emotions in a novel and revealing modelling experience of your natural nude body.

"Don't Stand By Me" modeled by Zarha Masoroni in Spring of 2021

Curious about the whole figure drawing experience? Apply now and get five free dynamic modelling sessions with the purchase of one session for the low price of 24.35£

"Rays of Sorrow" modeled by Ray Hudson January 2021

Michelle will show you how you use your feelings to control your body language in everyday life in our modelling sessions. Reveal your natural reactive physical movements as you travel through your emotions. Discover your body while reenacting scenes from your past. Obtain a new place to locate the healing path into inner peace like no other experience on the market.