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There is a fiery within me: Drive states

"Tippy Turvy. Topple?" Spring 2015- Tilt your head to fight the candles falling over. Fun right? Click the picture to learn more about drive states.

In the ye olde days, people used to sit around fires and tell stories for lack of anything better to do during the dark hours. It was a way to teach, learn and relate on any human level to their surroundings, cultures or the land upon which they lived.

I have never gotten over this situations indentured enchantment. I love stories; they are better than music, dancing or eating. Stories are my source of human connection and inclusion; My drive state need, if you will. It is is probably why I am a artist. S

ome old primal cave motivation to visually say what I can't speak or write in words is part of my make up.

Pictures just say things better, there I said it. I even though I read books like most kids consume candy- all the time. I still think visions are better because the reader is allowed to make their own story. Nothing is better than a good old mind wonder. Or, at least I think so, and here is a bit of science to back it up:
Ps you can also get Denis Dutton's book called, "The Art Instinct". I have left a link down below in the citations if that kind of thing interests you.

Narrative, any narrative, is my central psychological force pushing me towards becoming an artist. It is my intrinsic motivation to paint out my thoughts, stories, and understandings of life like the cave people of, dating to earlier than 30,000 BC- doing my dreams of pushing pigment onto a surface before I even existed.

Look how cool this is! I so am going. Well, not now. But you know, it's on the bucket list.

The cool thing is they knew why they did what they did, whereas I discovered much later in life, which made me grind coloured dirt into fibres. It is my way of telling the story of life, and now know that I understand my motivations, I think it makes me a better artist. I know better how to actualise my goals to get to steady private patronage, a wider visual audience, and reach Maslose top pyramid space of self-actualisation.

Maslow was a psychologist. He argued, how amount of our needs where being met revealed our satisfaction levels with life and what we are the most concerned about in our lifes at the moment. Once I found out about this theory last semester I had a real think about how am I going to level up. I think he is on to something. If you are interested more in this kind of thing, click on the picture. There is pretty cool website that breaks down Maslow's theory of self-actualisation and a bunch of other cool self help stuff.

Right now, I am between the states of Belongingness and Esteem. I often flux between these two conditions, but my overall self-regulation and control never waver far from my goals.

"Rays of Peace" Spring semester 2021

I am focused on a few minor goals to get to my almighty goal of becoming a distinguished blue-chip artist. I plan to graduate with honours, summa cum laude, so I try to get nothing less than an A- in all my courses every semester. I draw almost every day for three hours to improve my skills; I post my gesture work on my Instagram account, and I subscribe to artist websites to keep me accountable to other artists and art fans.

My husband took this picture at the border between England and Wales at the famous tole bridge called the Severn. The tourist look outlook spot is by a rest stop. But the view is hidden by a internet company call center site. You really need to look for it. Its rather abandoned, but the view is spectacular. Click on the link to find out more about the site.

We all know what our goals are, but often they hid our secrete wishes. It takes time and focus to discover these hidden whims and enjoy their relevance to our bigger goals. Enter Maslow's theory of self actualization.

Stay devoted to yourself and always keep climbing.

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