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Need an Artist? Get to Know Me and My CV/Resume.

Below I have created a resume, but with a blog twist. In this blog post CV, I have mentioned stories and other things that may have come up in an interview. That is if the subject came up or I felt it would help me connect deeper to the client, patron or any different kind of Employer.

Connection is a deep part of my mission as an artist. Artist to Patron, Viewer to Canvass, Model to the subject, the list of vital human connections goes on and on; I feel it's why humans make, purchase and look at art because they can see themselves in the reflected work. They perceive that indispensable human connection.

Michelle Rose Cusack

13 Cavalli Apartments

Modena Mews


WD18 7BJ


About Me

I am a student at Southwest Minnesota State University and a commission artist. I grew up in Marshall, Minnesota and Moved to Watford, England, in 2017 to be closer to my husbands family.

We moved east towards Europe for the opportunities to travel and see the old world in all its glory. My reasons for moving to Europe also have artistic designs. I want to document my husbands and my travels; I want to do it in pigment. I want to see the countryside of the old master artists. Then, when I am old and grey like them-become their equals before I die.

Currently, my main priority is building a substantial portfolio for clients, donors, galleries and patrons to investigate. I am taking on new commissions and looking for steady patrons to create and display more art in clients homes. But I am not actively pursuing these venues because I want to concentrate on my studies and become a better artist for my client base.


Marshall Senior High, Marshall Minnesota, 2003 - 2007

Completed High school diploma.

While I was in highschool, I was president of the Marshall Senior High Art Club from my sophomore to my senior year of Highschool. 

In 2005-2006 I organized events to help and support Hurricane Katrina victims by creating  Art splat tee-shirts on the highschool potters wheels, selling baked goods and canvas creation nights. The funding was spread between Habitat for Humanity, salvation army and other small donor places.