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Need an Artist? Get to Know Me and My CV/Resume.

Below I have created a resume, but with a blog twist. In this blog post CV, I have mentioned stories and other things that may have come up in an interview. That is if the subject came up or I felt it would help me connect deeper to the client, patron or any different kind of Employer.

Connection is a deep part of my mission as an artist. Artist to Patron, Viewer to Canvass, Model to the subject, the list of vital human connections goes on and on; I feel it's why humans make, purchase and look at art because they can see themselves in the reflected work. They perceive that indispensable human connection.

Michelle Rose Cusack

13 Cavalli Apartments

Modena Mews


WD18 7BJ


About Me

I am a student at Southwest Minnesota State University and a commission artist. I grew up in Marshall, Minnesota and Moved to Watford, England, in 2017 to be closer to my husbands family.

We moved east towards Europe for the opportunities to travel and see the old world in all its glory. My reasons for moving to Europe also have artistic designs. I want to document my husbands and my travels; I want to do it in pigment. I want to see the countryside of the old master artists. Then, when I am old and grey like them-become their equals before I die.

Currently, my main priority is building a substantial portfolio for clients, donors, galleries and patrons to investigate. I am taking on new commissions and looking for steady patrons to create and display more art in clients homes. But I am not actively pursuing these venues because I want to concentrate on my studies and become a better artist for my client base.


Marshall Senior High, Marshall Minnesota, 2003 - 2007

Completed High school diploma.

While I was in highschool, I was president of the Marshall Senior High Art Club from my sophomore to my senior year of Highschool. 

In 2005-2006 I organized events to help and support Hurricane Katrina victims by creating  Art splat tee-shirts on the highschool potters wheels, selling baked goods and canvas creation nights. The funding was spread between Habitat for Humanity, salvation army and other small donor places. 

This is a terrible picture, but its one of the few that display our Spin Art from my days in Highschool. After we had our Spin Art tee's finished we instated a pajama day to help raise even more funding for the Katrina victims. Above is me in all my sleepy day garb.

Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall Minnesota, 2014 – 2017

Completed the class credit equivalent of two years towards Bachelor of Fine Art.

In Spring 2017, I helped create an event called "Darts for Arts" to help fund the SMSU art club. Students would purchase one dart for 2 dollars or 3 darts for 5 dollars. This communal student art work is currently Hanging between the IL Building and the BA building hallway of SMSU Campus.

Above are a few of my early Collage, highschool and in between the two time periods. From approximately 2008-2015. I find looking at old works when I was not as serious about my craft both nostalgic and embarrassing. It's nice to see that I have come along ways. But I also get the itch to fix works that must stay as they are because they document my progress as a artist. 

I continued my seeking after my education after moving to Watford, England.

I searched for a disabled-friendly institution, but no luck finding a physical school that was easy for me to get to every day with out help. I concluded that online schooling would guarantee the most ease of access. I did not want to pay international fees if I did not have to and I also did not want the hassle transferring or of converting my American credits into the English class equants.

I decided to continue my studies at Southwest Minnesota State University in Spring 2019 as my best shot for success. Plus, SMSU is my family University. My father works there, my mother graduated from there and both my sisters at different points took classes at SMSU. Being away from home made it ever more important that I finish at SMSU. It was like taking part of my home with me while I was traveling the world.

I am still working on my Bachelor of Fine Art as of Spring 2021. I have finished another half years equivalent of credits towards my degree.

I am a non-traditional student determined not to allow my physical disabilities to get in the way of my graduation goals. I have a 3.88 GPA, and I only take on projects and plans: I discern I can deliver quality, skilled, professional work in each assignment, commission or collaboration. I give each task my full attention. I know by learning my physical boundaries to complete my goals is an important part of being dependable. This knowledge has become one of my better strengths. I work hard to struggle out of my vertigo hurtles to achieve my artistic dreams to deliver what the client needs.

Pictured to the left is myself studying a Felix Vallotton painting at the National Gallery exhibit of 2019. I often go to gallery's exhibits as a means to study master works in person. Its a lovely way to learn, meet artists, art lovers, and maybe one day a patron or two. 


Customer Elations/Schwan's Call Centre, Marshall Minnesota USA 56258

Sales Operator

Stared spring 2010 until summer 2011 in Marshall, Minnesota 56258 USA

Duties included: answering the phone to aid customers, the Schwan's depots, and their delivery drivers. It also required sales skills, taking orders or resolving customers complaints.

My favorite order was from a customer from Florida, who clamed that he ordered stakes in 1983 and never received them. He made the call in 2010, and said it was about time we come over to his house. After calling the depot, the man manager knew the customer said,
"Well, its about time "Todd" cashed in those Schwan's bucks, he has been indecisive weather to order The stake tips or vanilla ice-cream for years! I will bring them over for him later today."
I still can't look at a stake with out recalling the "Odd Todd" story. (His name was not Todd, but to tell this crazy story, I called him Todd. The name stuck, and the story is often recounted by some of my close friends when someone can't or won't make up their minds.)

Eastside Elementary School, Marshall Minnesota USA 56258

Teachers Aid

Stated fall 2014 until spring 2015 Marshall Minnesota USA 56258

Volunteer all day teachers aid. Duties included art projects for kids, aiding children with spelling, reading and mentoring, helping teachers with paperwork, projects and keeping the children focused on their tasks.

In 2010, I came down with a virus that nearly destroyed my vestibular system. For the next few years, I worked to reclaim my balance to live-able and then workable levels. I started volunteering in 2014 as a test run to see If I could work my way back to studying in school, get my college degree, and contribute to the economic workforce.

Children move a lot. When I move or others move, it triggers my vertigo migraines. However, if I work on my vestibular tolerance levels by watching things move while I move over time, it will not bombard my system as much.

It's kind of like working out; the more you lift weights, the stronger you get. In my case, the more I move and watch people move around me, the less likely I am to get vertigo migraines. In the same light, nobody works out all the time, or they will hurt themselves. Being around wiggly children and peppy teachers for short bursts of time was a great experience to push my tolerance levels in a salubrious way.

When children in my classes did a good job, something kind or made comments which added value to the class discussions: I would place a paperclip on their t-shirt. 
Over time students started giving each other paperclips or their paperclips to other students who also did something well or unexpectedly friendly. I meant to provide more acknowledgement and encouragement to those students I volunteered for as a teachers aid. Instead, I created a culture within the classroom and sometimes out of it that made a difference. 
Now every time I look at a paper clip I smile and feel proud that a small action creates an avalanche of love and kindness. I still have a sweater from back then that has a paperclip on it given to me by a little boy who forgot to be mean because he wanted to be the "paperclip champion of champions hero." .
  • Being an artist means I have to look at the object, then look back at my work and make a comparison quickly and frequently. The motions required to create art while keeping my balance are still quite tricky. But if I expose myself to higher amounts of movement regularly, it doesn't bombard my mind with vertigo migraines as frequently. Back then, I felt if I was around children who always have a hard time keeping still, I could expand my vestibular systems tolerance levels and create art for more extended periods.

Gold Collage, Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall Minnesota USA 56258

Part-time Professor

Spring semester 2016.

Volunteer Art Professor. Duties included creating a curriculum for a basic introduction to painting and drawing class. Teaching an eight-week senior citizen class that met once a week for eight weeks.

 To the right is a picture of my station in the front of the class room. While my students worked on their creations; I wanted them to see that I was working on my own projects too. I believe in setting good examples. I also know that watching others who have experience painting or drawing can often teach a student a technique better than extended definitions and explanations.

Classie, Sydney Australia

Head London Area Crochet Instructor

Teacher-Spring 2018-Winter 2020.

Duties include Teaching students how to crochet, finding new markets, creating a social media presence on their social sites. I catered courses for each student's abilities, including exclusive video instructions. I was recruiting other teachers to expand London Crochet Club to other parts of London. I found venues to teach in. I created relationships and gave with discount deals for restaurants that would host LCC classes.

Above are a few of my original pattern designs. For me, crocheted yarn is my preferred medium of sculpting.

In the middle picture is my youngest sister who often displays a look I get from astonished friends of clients, fallowed usually by the words " You made that! That is so cool. I want one! " To which I reply, "You can't have it, that design was made only for this client. However, I am happy to design something uniquely for you."

While working for LLC, I created patterns like these for each of my Amangiri classes unique and only for that class. I never make the same thing twice, and made strong efforts to make each class feel exclusive and special.

Current Employment Status

Due to Covid19 and intensifying my studies, I am no longer seeking a job as a crochet instructor. Instead I am making more art and eventual connections to create my legitimacy as a professional artist.

I currently have two commissions that are in the works and I hope to finish them both by the end of the year, 2021.


Jurried Shows

I have won a few juried shows in New York. My work has been shown in The Art House NYC show called Grow in 2017 and the Van Der Plas Gallery NYC in 2018.

Art Viewings

My paintings have been shown locally in Southwest Minnesota. They have occasionally been displayed on the front page of the Marshall Independent and Tyler Tribute newspapers in Minnesota through my high school and my current college works.

Scholarship Award

This semester fall 2020, December 12th, I won the Mary and Jack Hickerson Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships awarded at Southwest Minnesota State University.


I am the first international online art student to take a figure drawing at SMSU this coming spring semester, January 2021.


  • "Farmers Scene" by the Marshall Senior High "Future Farmers of America" to create a mural in 2006.

  • "Stormy seas" in January 2008 by a private buyer: in 2008

  • "Art's Storm" by a private buyer: Art Bauer April 2017

Finished painting below

  • "Happy Birthday", by a Fellow SMSU student and the private buyer: March 2017

Above was a Draft sketch shown to the client before the painting process started. 

Commissioned to paint for a private buyer: "Wishes at the Pub" June 2019, Undelivered due to Covid19 restrictions.

Commissioned to paint for a private buyer: to be named and completed by summer 2021.


  • President of the Marshall Senior High art club 2005-2007.

  • Cabinet member of Southwest Minnesota State University art club spring 2017.

  • Mentoring children and adults in various art forms, including drawing, painting, crocheting and sculpture.

  • Researching art and art history and world history.

  • Volunteering time towards the community in the pursuit of community spirit and wellbeing.

  • Reading.

  • Writing.


Robert (Bob) Dorlac

A professor of Fine Art and Adviser in the department of Fine Arts And Communications.

Office number: 507) 537-7269, email address:, home address 605 West Marshall Street, Marshall Minnesota USA 56258

Alma Hale

Who is a professor of art, department Fine Arts And Communications

Office number (507) 537-6298, email address home address: 802 Brian Street, Marshall Minnesota USA 56258

Art Bauer

Farmer, Crop Botanist, commissioner of completed painting "Art's Storm."

Curtis Wagner

Retired Physicist at Southwest Minnesota State University, Rabbi of Kadesh fellowship, spiritual mentor

Home address: 624 South 4th Street, Marshall Minnesota USA 56258, phone number: 507 532 3838

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