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Meet the Meat in the Shell: A Summery of My CV/ Resume

About Me

I am a student at Southwest Minnesota State University. I am currently working on my Bachelors in Fine Art. I am a sophomore and take most of my classes online. When this is not possible, I live in Minnesota for that semester.

I most enjoy working with surrealism, unrealistic colors and abstraction. However I am a free lance commission based artist. and will take on any challange to fulfill the clients requests. I have been working on personalized commissions since 2006. Making works that are valuable and meaningful to the client is one of my primary joys as a artist.

Colabrative Commission Artist

Work Environment Ethics

I have learned how to create positive work environments throughout my life and work experience.

  • Since 2017, I have taught art classes off and on. In 2014 I was a kindergarten teachers aid for the whole school year. From these teaching opportunities I know that collaborative work needs lots of communication check-ins and a safe share space. I know how to create such environments and spaces by becoming an exceptional example, and displaying clearly student teacher expetations.

I also know how to empathize and work around other students work ethics or models values successfully.

  • From 2015-2021 I worked in student or employee groups and with nude models managing projects.

    • I have covered other students work when untimely circumstances get in the way of deadlines or revalidating workplace safety for figure models. These experiments taught me how to manage people while creating a positive workplace atmosphere.

  • As a client, their personal interests, life experiences, values and attachments are elements I always place within my work. Their ethics are vastly important, yet when models are used, the clients wants never subsume the model's rights or consent to visual poses or displaying works of art when the model's body is on display.

    • Creating art means allowing everyone within the product from creation to sale is protected and valued as a human being.

I enjoy collaborating with other creatives and amplifying a small idea into a vivid reality that connects deeply with the client. It's a large part of the reason that I became an artist.

Work-place Versatility and Quality

I have the ability to change and adapt ideas under pressure and harsh working conditions to keep both the client and the budget balanced.

  • I am living with a disability that gives me vertigo migrains (Which began in 2010.)—being at most times physically Ballance deficient has taught me a lot about human behaviour and how to overcome projects that seem impossible.

  • I take time to create quality work to keep clients and donors happy and interested in the subsequent workup for sale.

    • Life is all about balance. The key to being steady is planning, overestimating the time it will take to fill a project and refining our understanding of the client's ethics and emotions.

  • In 2010-11, I worked for a call centre, solving customer problems and generating more significant sales for Shawan's Food Company's delivery people.

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