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JCML has Gone Live!

A lot has happened over the last few weeks.

I finished the semester at SMSU, and I aced all my classes. 3.89 GPA? Why, thank you! Yes, yes. I do deserve a cookie. Oh, you think I need a week away on a lovely sunny beach to paint and relax with loads of books? Well, it so happens that I am doing both. Next week I am travelling to Folkstone on Monday, and I won't be back until next Friday. (Now, let's just hope the weather cooperates with my painterly plans. If the weather doesn't play the game, we may switch our dates to a later, more sunny opportunity.) My husband and I going to celebrate my hard work and a well-done job. I am totes'mah-goats excited.

So, this is happening in Folkstone later in the year, but... incase you are interested here is a cool link to some arts around Folkstone:

Below are a few pictures from this quaint little town. Hope to find simlar spots and sit for a bit before a brew and later a canvass. 

Plus, I also bought sushi, which in my opinion, is like cookies for adults the first week of May- when the school year ended for this semester. ( I return this coming fall for my next foray into my education advancement adventure.

Here is my local "cookie" maker. Give Yo Sushi a try, its a nice little spot to hang with friends and try new things ala carte. If you see me there in Watford, be sure to say hi, hello. 

But for now, it's time to find a place to display my art. In my apartment complex, one of my neighbours modelled for me. He also put my name in a hat to show my work for all the Cassio Metro Residents to see. This opportunity is exhilarating because I have not been able to show my work in a public space since the pandemic. I am currently getting the framing ready for my pieces. I am planing an opening show, dates Cassio metro will display my art. But before all that happens, I need to reveal my art portfolio to the residential board for approval and generally get things ready, so it's a safe and fun time for my neighbourhood of approximately 1300 people. To put that in perspective, that's like ten per cent of my home town Marshall MN, all in one apartment complex.

Pictured below is Cassio Metro estate, or well, part of it any way. I live in the building to the left just out of sight of the picture frame. Its lovely little spot, and I enjoy how close it's to Cassiobury Park. I am only five mutes from tube train ride or plein air painting in the park. 

When the above has a date, and if it's open to the public. I will mention it here and on my Instagram. Just in case you are interested in meeting me and seeing some of this stuff in person.

But.. before I could show my work anywhere, I had to decide whether to get a domain name for my Wix site here, so people can find me using a search engine or switch over to another platform like Google or Word press. As the problem with this blog site was, if you did not type in the blog address exactly, you could not find me on, say, Google or Firefox. My older sister is a copyrighter and starting a web design business this year. She suggested I look around before I commit to this platform or switch to another.

As you may have read, I started this blog to fulfil a large homework project with varied assignments over the last spring semester of 2021. But I also know that it's something that I need to have as an artist. You know, a website to eventually sell my work, get in contact or be available to patrons, share my thoughts, and well, become a proper professional artist. So a blog is my start as a student to find what works best for me and make my attempts slowly but surely make this blog site work for me until I have a regular client base and a decent formal website. Since this is a big step in the right direction, I have taken a lot of time to decide what I want. It's been a big part of the reason there has been nothing but crickets here.

In the meantime, while deciding on what it was that I wanted. I have still been writing, drawing, painting. If you desire to see some newer things you may have missed here on my blog, check out my Instagram. I make a point to share a part of my day every day, to show you my gestures, and really, You keep my drawing habits honest. Knowing I must post every day means I make the time to do the drawing exercises I need to become that better artist. So, thanks to all of you who take the time to read my little burbs, rants and oh my goodness's. Thanks for hitting the like button occasionally, and tell me what you are doing or check out the links I share. It means a lot—your part of my journey of becoming a better artist. I really appreciate it.

I just picked these up. Right now they are having a sale. Just use the code Social30 on their website and you will get 30 percent off their merchandise. They have a lovely set of reds, and they stand up to water quite nicely. But from my fist trials, they are short on Blue greens, that are more green then blue. 

So, I know it's been quiet on this site, but I to make a decision. And I have. I have decided to keep it here on Wix. And in the meantime, I promise I do exist, and now if you search for me on Google, you'll find me too.

Make every step count twice,


JCML Fine Art

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Hope the weather is kind to you in Folkestone next week. It's a lovely town, check out the fresh fish stalls down by the harbour. If you get a chance, go to Hythe just a couple of miles away.

Michelle Rose
Michelle Rose
May 21, 2021
Replying to

I'll give it a go. Thanks for the recommendation.

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