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Get Back to Your Roots

In 2016 my husband and I moved to England, and to get there, we made a trip of a lifetime. Boogie I & II are about that epic life journey. We drove across the country to New York. From there, we took a boat across the ocean. A train across the English countryside and a car into northwest London. Before settling in Watford in late November of that year.

 Lets Boogie I Will be on display at my art show Cavalli Corner for the month of July. Stop by and see it in person at the Cassio Metro Estate. 

In 2017, Lets Boogie I won in a juried show called Grow at the Art House Gallery for new and upcoming student artists.

Since the mid-1600s, my family have quested Westword evermore.

They came from North Italy, Spain, Germany, Whales, Scotland, Ireland, and before that, they immigrated from north of the Mediterranean sea.

Once they reached the states, they moved slowly across the Appalachian mountains, into the hills of Ohio and northern forests near Canada.

My parents carried on the tradition when they moved to the Southwest to the great plains in Minnesota and South Dakota. I grew up knowing that our family was the most westward outpost that my family had ever reached.

No one said it, but it was almost like a point of pride within my family unit. The westward sunset of chance, that's who we were.

I think going west is iconic for most Americans because it holds the ideal that opportunity is still out there; if you just reach west, you will grab your dreams.


Try any of John Steinbeck's novels. They mostly deal with people seaking after opportunity with lovely and often lost morals. 

Check out this link:

--->It's probably for me the most memorable part of the book and movie.

 If you click on this picture it will send to to a place where you can purchase your own copy.