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Commissioned Art Prices

Do you love the art on this Blog?


Why not commission a personal work that fits your home and you exactly?

Contact the artist for more information and to start your creative work today:

Payments to JCML Fine Art can be made via PayPal using the above email address.

Light Bulb!- Gru, Despicable Me

It has occurred to me that this information above should probably be on this website. If you have a website, Price points are rather important. Right?

I am getting better at this website thing, honest. But it takes time to do the obvious. OR, let me confess for the obvious to become visible to me.

"Dawh, you found out, huh?" Model:Peter Mckinnon. Water drawing on paper, September 2020.

Have you ever been in the thick of something, and being so deep, you can't see the forest for the astonishment of leaves on the trees? Well, that's has been me. I feel rather silly but happy that the above is finished and, therefore, here your visual pleasure.

Artist Lemmons, drawing and digital mock up before the painting stage. Pictured below. It's about artist's pushing through all the lemons (duds) before creating a work of art that says what it must to become a master work. 

Creating the Cavalli Corner exhibit was great for me. I had to take the time and realise the obvious. I had to make some final decisions and figure out how I wanted to charge for works to be straightforward for my commission patrons. Not to mention fair and Art prices that are affordable for everyone, not just a select few.

Pictured below is a portion of the Cavalli Corner exhibit just after we put it up. My work was placed in two rooms. This part was in the main hallway and the center of the art show. 

Art should be for everyone and be as unique as you are. That idea matters quite a lot to me. I love the challenge of creating something that expresses an idea, place or person that is important to my patrons. But not at the cost of their whole paycheck.

Don't get me wrong. I have had the same system since taking on commissions in 2006. I charge per square inch. I also take into account the materials used to create the works and their lightfastness. (The lightfastness of artwork can be vital when working with things like watercolours, graphite, or, say, crayon. Why? Because although these mediums are beautiful, they are also more likely to fade over time due to exposure to light.)

But in the past, working in the states, the sizes are different. Plus, in the United States, they don't have this excellent "A" and "B" sizing system like they do here in Europe, which follows nearly the Golden mean idea—making pricing so much easier to quote and help customers visualise.

Not to mention this sizing system is helpful when I create mockups, so the customer will know what the work will look like when it's blown up to the size of their choice.

Click on the picture and the link will send you to a place to find out more about paper sizing systems. 

I now feel a bit more accomplished and professional. Hopefully, I will figure out how to place this on a tab one day, so it's more accessible than having someone dredge through all my blog posts to find this price sheet. But for now, it will do until I am more proficient in my tech skills.

Whoop Whoop! One more step closer to being a legitimate artist starts today! Thanks to all my readers. Your help, encouragement and support as I learn how to do better this job that I love.

All the best,

JCML Fine Art

Michellerose Cusack

Patrons like you! Thank you!!

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