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Cassio Metro Arts Starts with Crochet Classes

Throughout this summer, I have been learning a lot about websites. I am learning how things like PayPal work, and most importantly, how to put that stuff onto a website.

So, to start all this commotion, I will teach classes for my residents at Cassio Metro.

I am delighted to start teaching and selling my services as it is a big step towards the ultimate goal of selling my artwork to the masses on my website. Small steps (But, for me, it still feels like a giant leap.) start spectacular things, and staying local helps me learn, get the bugs out and grow as an artist.

Cassio Metro Arts expansion on JCML Fine Art is so neat! I am absolutely thrilled to begin customer commerce on my website.

I love crocheting; it's my sculpting medium. I never did well with clay or fiddly things like cross-stitch or embroidery. However, once I started crocheting and creating my self-made designed patterns, I was hooked. (I know terrible fibre joke, but it still makes me laugh.)

This is a fab crochet book. It has diagrams, photos and worded patterns. The instructions are quite clear. I would highly recommend it to any fiber fanatic.

I have made almost everything: from Blankets to sweaters to baby booties and even collars for pets. But my favourite thing to make is toys for children. I think it is because most sculpted things are displayed and not made for touching or curious interaction. I like the idea of creating a vessel of comfort and childhood imagination. It's probably why I liked creating welded sculptures or ceramic mugs, plaits and the like, but I never perused them with the same enthusiasm as drawing, painting or crocheting.