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Goodness for Goonies

Wail to the Good Fairy!

Perfection is best served in agony.

Knowing that failure is a part of learning becomes the procreator of procrastinating dreamers who will imagine and breathe, animosity because they never were brave enough to act.

Deprecation is cast, I’ll be “Good” this time, a rabbit foo no more!

Better to aim for the act of perfection than to be a quarrelsome coward weeping at regrets door.

I will inhale animosity no longer. I’d rather be in agony’s pursuit of perfection and in strife than in a meaningless nothingness empty life.

When the ability of action is taken away: Agony becomes so sweet to the soul. Fill me full perfection, I wish to compete to feel complete.

Medical maladies, Learning disorders, vertigo migraines have shaved off years of potential. No more! Bop that shit, I aim at perfection. I’ll settle the score!

Crappy at courting. People are soft and delicate as a field mice ears, and I am Bunny Foo Foo with no Good fairy insight.

It’s too long since I’ve been “Good”. I’ve been unintentionally “Bad” all my life.

Fuck that shit, I aim at perfection. I am no Goonie. I’ll take back my life!

It is my time to strive and take my stripes at the scourge pole of perfection. I know now scars are better than regret. I have wept too long in the world of should have’s, could have’s, would have’ s of dirges unending, eternal hungry hole.

Perfection is trying, but my G-d, it’s better than rotting, dying.

So, I will try to be Good, I will fail but Bop becoming Goonie at the end of my tale.

I do not see perfection in a negative light, but a place to enter the door of positivity. I feel one can never know what they can do without punching above their weight or stepping out of their comfort zone. Something may not be attainable, but it is sure worth reaching for because you never know what you will grasp along the way.

Why be a Goonies when goodness is more challenging?

I wrote the poem above last semester in my first academic writing class in over ten years. I was really nervous, but that is not always a bad thing. When I get nervous I need to do some kind of physical action, so I used what made me nervous as a tool to make me less so. I find just doing it, what ever it is, makes it better then cowering in procrastination.

here is to you and doing something that is safe, but slightly uncomfortable for the benefit of your mind. Your bravery will change your habits for the better if you keep at it. Stay strong and when in doubt, do it in colour.

All credit is given to the fairy tale of Bunny Foo Foo for their part and inspiration of this written forum piece.

Below is a working sketch called "Artist Lemons". Which also deals with failure and perfection. The fact the one artist must fail hundreds of times before a masterwork is achieved is absolutely daunting. But no less thrilling. One day, I am going to make one mean lemonade! But in the mean time, I am willing to give a few lemons a squeeze at the easel.


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