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Haunted by Canvass

A few years ago, in late 2017, I asked for an art challenge from friends, family, and art fans. They were to give me a few sample photos to work from, a small narrative about those reference photos, and why they feel it should become a work of art. I completed a few of these with some success, save for one. A canvass image that has been haunting me since it's inception. I have never finished it, not due to lack of trying, but due to fear. This canvass project, "Remember Me", haunts me.

"Remember Me" is about letting go of loved ones who have passed, all relationships healthy or unhealthy we can not change or replace or speak to or about again. I wanted to give the viewer the chance to send a calling card of love- like a message in a bottle to the lost on the other side of whatever has happened between them and us, so we can not reach them—a message of longing, hope, and wellness.

Read Pablo Naurta's Poem "The Dream"

The photo references wereof the sea at night, and a street full of umbrellas, seeming to float over the road.

Last Kingdom is also a tv series. Click below.

When I started composing this piece for the first time, I read The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell, British History For Dummies by Seán Lang, Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin and watching Vikings created by Michael Hirst.

The idea of a dirge thoroughly enchanted me. How ships become burning funeral pyres and send loved ones, and messages to loved ones on the other side of (J.K. Rowling best line, and why you read the whole book series in my opinion) adventure.

"To the well-orgainsed mind, death is but the next greatest adventure."

(Ps J.K. Rowling, you know Harry should have died. I wish you dared to let your novel be the tragedy that it was meant to be. I don't care that it's a kids book, death happens.)

Reference photo below

I liked the idea of a message in a bottle sent across the sea, to the other side of adventure. But what if the bottle was a floating umbrella? And what if Marry Poppins (By P. L. Travers) got her flying umbrellas from the place where loved ones received their floating sea umbrella messages? What if she was hired by a dead relative of Mrs Banks; who asked her to t