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Blue to Cream Gradient
Woman on kitchen counter eating a salad. She disgruntled at eating a salad Again!  to stay in shape. She is naked and sitting cross-legged on the kitchen countertop wishing for  non boring healthy food . The art work is called, "Life Is Short, Eat Cake."

 Customised Artworks

Made Especially for Your Walls

Are your walls looking a bit bare?
Unsure about what images to display in your home or office?
Tired of seeing the same copied and pasted art in every decor?


Why not transform your memories into a beautiful and unique work of art that will last for generations to come?
Commission a custom piece that suits your style and brings your cherished memories to life on your walls.


At JCML Fine Art, we aim to bring original and custom artwork into every home.

We believe that art is a powerful expression of memory, and emotion, and can be a catharsis for one's mental health.  Add a unique touch to your walls and beautifully showcase your cherished memories by commissioning a custom piece that reflects your personal style.

Let us help you bring your walls to life with a one-of-a-kind work of art that will last for generations to come.

Sold Self Portrait of The Artist JCML. Oil on plybord
Artist holding artwork called "Requiem of Trees" which was Hand Picked by the Vanderplas gallery in 2018 for their Poetic Landscape Painting  Juried show.

At JCML Fine Art, Michellerose specializes in creating beautiful, original artwork around your ideas and memories that won't break the bank. With her commission services, you can get something completely unique and special that will last a lifetime. Michellerose will work closely with you to ensure the perfect result.

Cliffs of Dover Pleanair landscape

Here is How to Start
Your Visual Story Today!

Price Points for custom works based on media and size. Contact JCML for more  accessible and personal visual experience. 0795-137-5475
Naked Woman Reclinging in River
'Middle Aged Lovers'- Completed in 2020. Based on gesture drawing made in 2017 in the Red Cup Cafe in North Harrow England

  • Email your visual story to: 



  • State your chosen size and preferred medium using the chart above

  • Pay a 25% down payment via Paypal. 

  • Approve your customised design.

  • Make your final payment and enjoy your customised original artwork!

South Dakota Rocks in Lake Sylvan. Colourful Plein-air landscape made with crayon on paper.
"Rays of Sorrow and Regret"- Dynamic Modeling experiences are available.   You model for the work, and between you and JCML you create a series of works based on your selected emotional state during the 1 and half our modeling session.

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